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Jan Walencik

He was born on 26 January 1955 in Kazimierz Dolny. From 1985 he worked for Polish Television as a screenwriter, director and camera operator of nature films. Together with his wife Bożena, also very involved in protection of the Bialowieza Forest, he has made 15 short feature films and documentaries about Polish nature, many of them were rewarded at national & foreign festivals. In the years 1985-86 in TV programme "Zwierzyniec" he had his own screen "Fotograficzny Zwierzyniec". Since that time he almost has not shown his photos to the public. Although he focused mainly on filming, he still took pictures. He is the author of the best(to me)film about the Bialowieza Forest titled 'The Pulse of Primeval Forest', the best photography album under the same title and also the best photo showing the beauty of this forest in a unique way.

Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone - Janusz Korbel i Tomasz Niechoda