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Dr. Janusz Korbel

By education he is Dr. Engineer, but for a long time he has not worked in his profession. He is a chairman of the Natural Scenery Protection Society, and for several years he has been involved in campaigns for nature protection (lately-a worldwide action BISON - Bialowieza International Solidarity Network), which resulted in appointing the Polish president team for protection of natural & cultural heritage of the Forest. Before that he established Workshops of Living Architecture, Workshops For All Beings and monthly magazine 'Wild Life'. Moreover he is a journalist writing for many publishers including 'Czasopis'-Belorussian socio-cultural magazine or literary 'Latarnia Morska' from Pomorze. He is an author of the following books: 'Architektura żywa', 'W obronie ziemi', 'Uwagi na temat prowadzenia warsztatów', 'Ekozofia urbanistyki', 'Człowiek i las' and several dozens of printed publications and over 100 articles & essays. He was rewarded with: the prize of the Polish Urbanist Society for the best diploma project about urban planning & development planning as the thesis superviser, 1988; the prize of Environmental Partnership for Central and Eastern Europe for a project concerning ecological education carried out by the Ecological Education Station in the Wapienica Valley, 1991; Innovators for the Public - enrolling in the circle of Leading Public Enterpreneurs & perpetual membership "Ashoka", 1997; Ecological Bayer Prize, 1999; the reward 'For outstanding achievements for the natural environment of the Silesian Province' from the Silesia Foundation & Trybuna Sl±ska editors, 2000; and in 2005 he got the Alfred Latyński prize in the field of the natural environment protection. He has lived in the Bialowieza Forest for 7 years now.

Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone - Janusz Korbel i Tomasz Niechoda