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Wiktor Majak

A naturalist, entomologist, photographer. His passion is nature and he is a great promoter of the beauty of native nature. Like no one else he understands the need of human communing with nature and tries to instil it into young generation. He is an author of popular scientific and natural exhibitions dedicated to our forests and their history, the world of insects, the Tatra nature. His last exhibition "Nature - the finest mechanism" presents relations in nature. Those exhibits were shown in museums and community centers around Poland. He is also an author of popular scientific articles published in the papers such as Przyroda Polska, Wiedza i Życie, Aura, Biuletyn Entomologiczny. As a member of association "Film - Nature - Culture" in the Botanic Garden in Łodz he was conducting nature photography classes for school youth. The result of this were two photography exhibitions presenting young artists' works. One of them was displayed in the Botanic Garden, the second in Palm House in Łodz. The Association "Film - Nature - Culture" has published an album with the best works from these exhibitions titled 'From young perspective'. For association 'Green School' he worked out educational posters and calendars.

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