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Jeroen Philippona

Jeroen Philippona was born in 1955 in Haarlem, Holland. Currently he is living with his wife Gerdien in old town Zutphen. He studied biology & geography, later worked in the Ecological Society and at the moment he is working as a social worker in Arnhem. He is a great admirer of nature and works in associations of tree enthiusiasts & bird protection. He is in constant touch with the Dutch Tree Lovers Society. He is particularly interested in old & monumental trees such as oaks. During his travels many times he visited the Bialowieza Forest and he is doing a lot to propagate its natural values in his native Holland. He is impressed by beauty of the Bialowieza Forests, and their trees especially. In addition, he is a music fan - particularly of classical, jazz and ethnic music from various parts of the world. He is a member of a choir specializing in the classical repertoire.

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