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Dr. eng. Czesław Okołów

Born on 21.12.1935 in the Bialowieza Forest. He got his higher education in 1959 at SGGW in Warsaw. He defended a doctoral thesis(of Forestry Sciences) in 1967. In 1975 he graduated from Postgraduate School of Nature Protection at the Forestry Department AR in Cracow. He studied at International Seminar on National Parks and Equivalent Reserves, University of Michigan, National Park Service, Parks Canada. He worked in Bielsk Forestry District. From 1960 he was employed in the BNP. Through the years he was managing the park's museum, then he became a director of research-scientific lab, the BNP director deputy and since 1993 the director of the Park. He retired in 2003. In years 1957 - 1985 he was conducting scientific research, making exhibitions & museum exhibits. He is the author & co-author of many books & scientific articles(eg. a pocket guidebook "The Bialowieza National Park"). He carried out trainings of PTTK guides. He is a member of the Polish Entomological Association and World Commission on Protected Areas IUCN/ WCU. In 1998 he was awarded with the Alfred Toepfer Medal(EUROPARC Federation).

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